SMS as a medium of communication is highly effective and the effect can be easily evaluated by determining the response rate from a particular campaign. This can be done by specifying telephone numbers, the SMS recipients could call to make further enquiries. The response rate and leads generated can be determined. The return on investment can therefore be accurately measured.

Bulk SMS messaging is the only medium that enables instantaneous notification of a targeted group of people, regardless of their location! Our bulk SMS product, can be used in various ways to save you time and money, such as:

1.Deliver professional and targeted SMS marketing campaigns. Increase revenue from company products.

2. Alerts and notifications

3.Contacting employees

4.Personalise CRM communications

5.Transaction management

6.Peer to peer messaging and more Acting as a single point of access to the Mobile Operators, we pride ourselves on being able to satisfy the text-messaging needs and wants of businesses in the most affordable manner.